Personal CounsellingPersonal Counselling

We live in a world that encourages independence, self-reliance and ‘getting it right’ first time. If only it was that simple. We all run into blockers throughout our life that can prevent us from seeing the situation clearly and making rational choices and decisions.

Are you looking for? 
  • an opportunity to talk about what it is that is causing you concern in a confidential setting
  • strategies to manage a situation in a more positive and proactive manner
  • have someone who will always provide honest feedback 

As they say a problem shared is a problem halved so perhaps counselling is a way forward for you.

Personal one hour counselling session:  $120.00

Options Your Choices Your Future specialise in the following counselling areas:
  • Life balance management
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Managing family change – when your children are leaving school and/or home
  • Teenagers and the school setting
  • Personal management 
  • Indecision
  • Stress management
  • Just not feeling right

Or you can nominate the session focus.

I initially approach Shauna to hone my time management and life balance skills but ended up receiving a whole lot more. I am a great believer in time management and Shauna’s approach was excellent. I was also very happy with her help in increasing my motivation and broadening my horizons in my studies. Shauna was also instrumental in pulling me through the final semester of 2009 and without her I would have most likely dropped out of that semester. Thanks so much Shauna for then and into the future.