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1 Options Career Information Handout

1 Options Career Information Handout

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About Options Career Information Handouts

What are they? 

Career Handouts is a series of career information fact sheets designed for career counsellors, guidance officers and career support people working with students and parents. 

What’s their value?

The handouts provide students and parents with information supporting their research. Students and parents often leave a career conversations feeling confident however, when they commence their research and decision making they are missing the detail. The handouts provide a summary of key issues on topics frequently discussed during career conversations. 

What topics do the handouts cover?

Click here to see the career handouts currently available.

Are they current?

All handouts are current at publication and are updated annually ensuring information and links are current and active.  

How would I receive the Options Career Information handouts?  

• Download them from our website using your membership user name and password 
• They come in PDF format 

How can I distribute the Options Career Information Handouts?  

• Email directly to your students, parents and staff 
• Upload to your intranet/school student and/or parent portal (permission is not given to upload to your public website due to copyright) 
• Print and provide at career session

General Information

• Within two business days of successfully processing your payment or at the commencement of your membership period, which ever is later, you will be given access to Options Career Information.
• On the commencement of your membership period, you will be prompted to select your Options Career Information Handouts.
• This membership will give you access to 1 Options Career Information Handout during the 2019 Queensland school year.
• The membership fee is non-refundable.