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Options Career Information Updates

Options Career Information Updates



Student and Parent Access Code $100


About Options Career Information Updates

What is it?  

The fortnightly Queensland Career Information Update provides current, timely and informative career information to Queensland schools, students and parents.  
The Updates combine career information and key dates, presented in an easy to use format. You can email the Updates to your school community, cut and paste key dates and/or career information into your morning notices of school newsletter. 

The challenges for schools is ... 

Having been in schools for many years we understand that it is challenging in the current school environment to find the time to research what’s happening in careers. There are so many quality opportunities that young people can engage in. 

The problem is ... 

Career counsellors, guidance officers and career support people struggle to find and circulate these opportunities to students and parents. It is all too easy to miss them and/or miss telling your students about them. 

Solving the problem ... 

So we have made it easy for you to keep on top of career information. The fortnightly bulletin is designed to provide you and your school community with a summary of current career information and opportunities. Every fortnight the bulletin covers information including:

• Alternative pathways 
• Apprenticeships and traineeships 
• Australian Defence Force 
• Career exploration 
• Career decision making strategies 
• Competitions 
• Course updates 
• Institution updates 
• Employment 
• Financial assistance and scholarships 
• Frequently asked questions 
• Gap year program news 
• Indigenous 
• Occupational Information 
• Open days, Expos and Career Markets 
• QTAC and tertiary entry 
• Study skills 
• Youth Enrichment activities 

How would I receive and use the Options Career Information Bulletin each fortnight? 

• Delivered via email to the registered membership holder in a Microsoft Word document. 
• You can easily and quickly tailor each edition to your school community’s needs. 
• You can delete items that are not relevant and/or include school specific opportunities or activities before distribution. 

So how can I distribute the Options Career Information updates? 

• Email directly to your students, parents and staff 
• Upload to your intranet/school student and/or parent portal (permission is not given to upload to your public website due to copyright) 
• Cut and paste articles into your school newsletter and/or morning notices 
• Display on electronic devices within the school 

What does it look like? 

We know that students are not keen on reading ‘stuff’ and that parents are time poor, so the bulletin format is suited to students and parents wanting 'short sharp' information. 

About Student and Parent Access Code

A new Options Career Information product is our Student and Parent Access Code. When you include this in your membership you will be given a unique school access code. This code will allow your school community to access your membership products directly from our website. 

The benefits … 

• Access anywhere any time  
• Access via mobile, tablets, notebooks or desktop  
• Independent direct access 

The Student and Parent Access Code can only be purchased in conjunction with the Options Career Information Updates and/or Options Career Information Handouts

General Information

• Within two business days of successfully processing your payment or at the commencement of your membership period, which ever is later, you will be given access to Options Career Information.
• This membership will give you access to Options Career Updates during the 2018 Queensland school year.
• The membership fee is non-refundable.