Options Career Information

Options Career Information understands the daily pressures student Counsellors and Guidance Officers experience. This is why Options Careers Information provides access to fortnightly current career informational for use when working with your students their parents and staff.

This year Options Career Information is offering Options Information Bulletin, Options Career Calendar, and Options Career Resources, all of which we beleive you will find valuable and time saving. 

Membership for Options Career Information can be purchased through the online store.

Options Information Bulletin:

Options Career Information has drawn on the services of Dr Ros Lim, an experienced career practitioner who has worked in schools, universities and at QTAC, to coordinate the development of a fortnightly career information bulletin. The bulletin makes it easy for you to provide current and informative career information and opportunities to your students, their parents and school staff. 

The bulletin covers information about Queensland university offerings, alternative pathways, QTAC updates, rewarding GAP year options, information about less well known occupations, frequently asked questions and much more. Although a consistent format, each newsletter has new and relevant information for your school community. 

The Careers Information Bulletin can also be downloaded in Word which allows you to adapt to your school requirements, emailed out to parents and students, or uploaded onto you intranet site.

Click here to download a sample Career Information Bulletin

Options Career Calendar:

Keeping track of what’s on in the world of careers and post school pathway options is always a challenge. Added to that the need to undertake timely promotion within the school community can too often see students not taking up career information opportunities that could be most beneficial. 

Our Career Information Calendar will put an end to the stress and time spent doing it yourself. The calendar is put together to complement the Careers Information Bulletin. All events that are advertised by universities, Institutes, TAFEs and private providers will be recorded on the calendar which will give you ready access to the information when compiling your intra school careers bulletins. The Career Information Calendar will be updated once a fortnight and you will, with a membership username and password, be able to access the calendar at any time. 

Click here to download a sample Career Calendar

Options Career Resources:

Career Information Resources has been put together after brainstorming with teachers who have said that there is a need for easy to distribute, user friendly career information resources for students and parents. Resources that can be easily distributed, containing gritty, to the core information. 

Ros Lim and Shauna Quinlivan are very experienced school career counsellors and had put together ten of their top resources that they provide to students and parents. There will also be information and facts sheets that can be distributed to staff that will help highlight their understanding of the changing world of careers and career pathways in the future. 

Currently Available Career Resources:

• The 'how to' of time management
• The 'how to' of time management
• Useful career internet sites
• Resume tips for students
• TAFE courses - A general guide for year 12 students in Queensland
• University and College - Financial assistance
• Study Uni subjects in Years 11 and 12
• Choosing senior subjects
• Teachers talking careers
• Options after Year 12
• Apprenticeships and traineeships
• Talking careers with young people
• Applying for tertiary scholarships
• Taking a gap year
• Transition tips for Year 12
• Tertiary study overseas
• Pathways to medicine
• Dentistry
• Helping your child with career decisions
• How to make career decisions
• Ideas for job seekers
• Tertiary open days

Oh Shauna, thank you so much I have just signed up with you but your newsletters will save me hours. I feel such relief. Have a wonderful day and thank you.