Professional Development For Teachers:
ASD Strategies in the Classroom


Session Summary

Session Presenter: Anette Renneflott

Session Duration: 1 Hour

Suitable For:  Primary and Secondary School Teachers 

Session Overview

During this presentation Anette will look at Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In her practice she works closely with these young people and has many insights and proven strategies that will assist classroom teachers when supporting young people with ASD to better engage in classroom learning and to achieve greater educational outcomes.

Session Presenter

Anette Renneflott is a psychologist in private practice who is passionate about psychology, health and well-being. She became a registered psychologist through her studies in the PhD of Clinical Psychology program at Griffith University, Queensland. 

Anette works with both children and adults with a range of difficulties. Her diverse range of special interests include childhood behaviour management and developmental disorders, working with anxiety, depression and burnout, couples and family issues, sexual health and functioning, stress management and mind-body medicine.

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