Professional Development For Teachers:
Cooperative Learning

Session Summary

Session Presenter: Dr Robyn Gillies

Session Duration: 45 Minutes

Suitable For:  Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Session Overview

Dr Robyn Gillies' studies of small-group learning in school classrooms could bring new twists to an old technique. During this session she suggests a teacher does better as the "guide on the side" rather than the "sage on the stage". Her research at the University of Queensland suggests it has huge potential for teaching academic and interpersonal skills such as problem-solving, communication and conflict resolution and develops skills for lifelong learning success. Dr Gillies will show that teachers working in co-operative learning environments tend to use demonstrative, intimate, encouraging and helpful language and their students seem to see them as supportive, friendly, tolerant, competent and motivating.

Session Presenter

Dr Robyn Gillies is a professor in the University of Queensland's School of Education and specialises in school guidance and counselling, co-operative group learning and children's behaviour in school. 

Dr Gillies' major research interests are in the learning sciences, classroom discourses, small group processes, classroom instruction, and student behaviour. She coordinates the Master of Educational Studies (Guidance and Counselling) program and teaches courses in counselling, guidance, and classroom management. 

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