Professional Development For Teachers:
Fierce Conversations


Session Summary

Session Presenter: Michael Polities

Session Duration: 1 Hour

Suitable For:  Primary and Secondary School Teachers
(especially those in management positions)

Session Overview

This session focuses on having the conversations that are critical to your success. Most people think conversations are easy. Mike will engage in a conversation about conversations and you will learn how to be better at them in a way that will lead to success. He will explore the three main ideas, four objectives and seven principles of Fierce Conversations. It will be no surprise to most that the single most cited reason for problems occurring at home, at school and in the workplace is a breakdown in communication. When we are better at having conversations we will experience more success and positive results.

Session Presenter

Michael Polities has been a teacher for forty-two years including thirty as a school leader. Michael’s passion is learning and relationships.
His passion has led him on a learning journey to find out more about the conversations and relationships that produce successful schools, careers and lives. The journey has led him around Australia and the world. In the past five years he has been a regular visitor to Seattle Washington, home of Fierce Conversations and Pike Place Fish. 

Michael is a certified presenter for Fierce Conversations, and is also accredited to teach Leadership and Accountability. In addition he has worked with the world famous Pike Place fishmongers and their business coach and developed his knowledge and approach to understanding and building an organisation’s vision and culture.

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