Professional Development For Teachers:
Not Just a Teacher Also a Helper


Session Summary

Session Presenter: Shauna Quinlivan with guest Emily Want

Session Duration: 1 Hour

Suitable For:  Primary  and Secondary School Teachers
(especially those new to the position)

Session Overview

This session focuses on the changing role of teachers in schools today. The days have long gone when teachers were only required to teach. In today’s schools, teachers find themselves not only teaching their subject material but more often than not, also a young person’s first port of call in times of anxiety, stress and/or uncertainty. During this discussion Shauna and Emily look at the ‘helper’ role that teachers often find themselves in, the challenges they face, signs to look for in young people needing help or support and the importance of confidentiality.

Session Presenter

Shauna Quinlivan is the director of Options Education Solutions. However, Shauna comes from an education background. She has taught Home Economics, English and Vocational Education and has worked for Queensland Education, Catholic Education and the private sector.

Shauna was heavily involved in the School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships and in 2002 took up a position as Career and Transition Advisor in one of the twenty four Department of Education, Science and Training’s Career and Transition Pilot Projects. During this time she studied for her Masters in Education Leadership producing a thesis on lifelong learning and career development.

Shauna has been a Guidance Officer in the Logan and Brisbane regions and she understands the demands that teachers face in schools today. Her passion is sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with other teachers.

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