Professional Development For Teachers:
The Teacher’s Role in the Career Development
of the Student


Session Summary

Session Presenter: Dr Ros Lim

Session Duration: 1 Hour

Suitable For:  Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Session Overview

Career Development is not just all about getting a job but is the investigation, planning, decision making process and management of your work and personal life options and is an ongoing process.

During this session Ros talks about the difference between career development and career education.  She outlines the life and work skills that young people need to have developed before leaving school, the significance of quality career discussions in classrooms from Year 1 to Year 12 and the importance of empowering young people to take personal control of their own career decisions.

Session Presenter

Dr Ros Lim is a career counsellor working in a school in Queensland. She has had broad experience in the career development field, including lecturer in career theory and career counselling at the Queensland University of Technology; career counsellor for the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre; senior guidance officer with Education Queensland specialising in career development inservice and resource development. 

Ros has contributed to several publications and authored and co-authored a number of articles (e.g. Career Development in Practice; Ideas for Career Practitioners; What do career counsellors think their clients expect from their services? Are they right?, Transition in career counselling practice: What can solution-oriented counselling offer?). Her PhD thesis examined the career counselling expectations of people in career transition.

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